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Do you have any builders in your house? I have two, right now. Building with tape, wood, paper, legos, strings, you name it. My girls are always making stuff. They even added pulleys and ropes all over their backyard playset. They need to add a sign there that says, “Play at your own risk!” This past Spring I came across a set of classes called HouseStories. The title alone had my interest piqued and upon further investigation, I knew it was just the thing for my girls. Maureen Ferry, is a local architect and the mind behind HouseStories. She has done a superb job in putting these classes together and if you are local to The Woodlands, check it out. My oldest girl had so much fun in the Spring class that she wanted to take the class again. So this past Summer I signed up both girls and they had the most fun building and studying architecture with Maureen.

During the classes, which span a week long, they explored how and why people built six different habitats; the girls brought home some real architecture masterpieces! Again, you can read more about HouseStories here.  For those of you who are not locals, scroll to the bottom for some books suggestions I think you will love.



These are some books we’ve read or are still reading. I added some animal architecture to the list as well. Animals are the master architects and their homes are worth studying. The Animal Architecture Book is mesmerizing; it is filled with gorgeous photography. And if you can buy only one of the human architecture books, let The Story of Buildings be it. This is a beautifully illustrated and written architecture history book. I don’t know what my children retained from it, but I learned a lot about early buildings.

The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

From Mud Huts to Skyscrapers

Iggy Peck, Architect

Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes

Animal Architecture

A City Through Time



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