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By The Creek quilt

It is done! My first quilt of 2014. I named it By The Creek and it will be a part of the silent auction at my oldest daughter’s school. I am hoping it will fetch a few dollars. This quilt took me way too long to finish. But, I have been working at a snail’s pace because of my pregnancy. Late night sewing? Forgetaboutit. I can’t keep my eyes open after 7:30 PM. I quilt the entire quilt using 1/4″ “straight lines”, some straighter than others. While red and white is not my preference for colors, it is the school colors, so I thought it was fitting for the occasion.


I have yet to decide if I love sewing more, or photographing my finished quilts. There’s equal please in both activities. And part of the fun is scouting locations to shoot my quilts. The entire creative process is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?



We are so looking forward to camping trips and countless hours sitting by the creek. The weather in Texas is just marvelous, and my heart can barely wait to spend time in nature. Ohhhh, I am editing images for a quilt tutorial for you. Are you ready?

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