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a spot of tea and a bit of poetry

This is not an ad. Just something I want to share.
A few years ago I came across Brave Writer. I bookmarked the website and forgot all about it. I tell you, the hardest parts of homeschooling are, one: to remember all of the wonderful resources and two: to choose which is best. Choosing homeschooling methods and curricula can send you spiraling out of control. Stay on task, though, because when you need just the right resource for your child (or yourself), you will find it. Look in the forgotten bookmarks.

With the help of Brave Writer and a little lot of persistence I am making language arts not just an umbrella of subjects to be studied, but also a part of our quotidian. This isn’t an easy task. The TV, iPad, and a plethora of other “more interesting” things to do are constantly trying to rain on my parade. But I don’t surrender easily to inanimate peer pressure. Especially since what I have implemented so far has positively affected my English language learning. So this is really about me now. And If it ain’t Pride & Prejudice, Little Women, The Sound of Music and The Voice (teaches them perseverance) ain’t nobody watching it.

One the rituals we started is our Friday afternoon tea and poetry. Reading poetry isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I’ve spent years avoiding poetry in English because I thought I was obligated to understand something. What’s the pleasure in understanding Endymion? I can’t be so sure John Keats understood what he wrote. Nevertheless reading it is like music to my ears and food for my soul. A thing of beauty really is a joy for ever. So for our tea and poetry time no one is required to understand a thing. We just drink tea, read, and eat sugar. Win, win, win. Now, don’t get me wrong, there will be time to pick things apart and try to understand the meaning of words. Just not yet.
Sometimes we bake from scratch, other times we ride our bikes to our favorite local French bakery for their delicious goodies (pictured). The importance isn’t in what we share food wise, but that we intentionally stop our day and give life to those words on the pages. And maybe have a laugh or too reading Shel Silverstein’s whacky poetry.


  • March 29, 2016 - 3:59 am

    What we are learning: 2015-2016 » Nathalie Bearden Fine Quilts - […] We have been following Brave Writer’s (CM inspired) approach to writing and to making our home a language arts home. I purchased The Writer’s Jungle (for me) and Partnership in Writing (for activities suggestions). So far we have really enjoyed the program, most especially since we incorporated free-writes and tea & poetry time on Fridays. We all look forward to setting a pretty table and enjoying our tea time together. I wrote about this here. […]ReplyCancel

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