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This felted wool garland is full of hearts

Quilting programing will be back on. As soon as I finish the first quilt of this year. There are plenty of tops to go around, but not enough quilting hours to get them all done. Ummm, have you gathered your tools yet?

On other news, here’s a simple tutorial for some sweet felted hearts, which you can make into a garland. In honor of valentine’s day, of course. But, without the typical red and pink colors. I am not going to judge though, make this any color you wish.

Perhaps, this project could fit into the no sew category of things. But, I had to put at least a few stitches on it. So, yes sew. No sew is reserved for those who are afraid of their sewing machines. Which is not our case.

The supplies you will need: A brand new J.Crew sweater. KIDDING! This was thrifted from Goodwill. $2 worth. This is the cheapest way, I repeat, cheapest way to collect some yummy 100% wool. Just make sure the tag does say 100% wool. The cheap synthetic junk we have become so accustomed to won’t felt. Oh, and make sure the sweater isn’t too holy. This one only had a few little holes. The dang holes won’t close after you felt. So you will have a useless piece of wool.

Now that you found your perfect sweater in your favorite shade, you will need to felt the pretty thing. And you do this by sticking the sweater in the washing machine with a tennis ball or a rubber flip flop. Make sure you fill the machine with very little water. You want for the wool to come in contact with the ball or flip flop. Hang dry. If you dry in it in the dryer you will end up with a microscopic piece of wool. Just enough for one heart.

You will also need a pencil, a pair of scissors, a heart template, and my best friend forever, HeatnBond (Ultrahold, not the Lite). The heart template I made using a clipart in Word. it’s about 4.5″ high X 5″ wide.


Trace the heart shape onto the HeatnBond. You might want to cut some squares out first so it is easier for you to trace. Also, tape your template to a window, that way you can see the lines better. Trace on the smooth side of the HeatnBond square, the bumpy side is where the glue is.


Once you have your heart traced you will iron it to the inside of the wool sweater. Open the sweater sleeve on one side first. Once I have used all of the wool from the sleeves I move onto the rest. Just cut the side seams of the sweater and you will have a big ole piece of wool to work with. Don’t forget to trim the excess paper around your hearts before you iron it to the wool, though. That way you won’t waste material.


I made 11 double sided hearts. So, you will need 22 traced hearts. Cut around your pencil marks. You should end up with hearts that look like this. Wool on one side, paper on the other side.


Proceed by peeling the paper off the back of your hearts. They should have this sticky glue sheet stuck on them.


Join two hearts, sticky sides together and iron on both sides. This will heat up the glue and make the hearts stay together, permanently.


You did it! A nice little stack on felted wool hearts. Scrumptious!


Then comes my favorite part, sewing. Fire up that sewing machine you got for Christmas and put it to good use. I just eye-balled the distance between my hearts. Please, let’s not be too picky. They are about 2.5″ apart, if you must know. Be sure to pull your both of threads before you start sewing and after you sew the last heart. You will need the “tails” to hang your garland.


Here they are. All sewn and ready to hang. Have I told you how much I love making stuff with wool? I just really dislike wearing it.


Now you can style your garland, til’ your heart is content. I used washi tape to hang this. Knot the “tail” ends a few times so the thread won’t slide out of the tape. There, not too painful, right?


Oh my most favorite shade of blue! Makes my heart sing.


Chat soon!

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