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Lately, I have tried to spend any free time (read kid free time) in my studio, even if means getting up at 5:40 AM. I love spending time here. And I have loved putting this space together for not only myself to enjoy, but also to serve as a catalyst to my girls’ creative pursuits. This is all a part of the process I dearly crave.This week I took a few minutes to photograph some areas I had not photographed yet and let you take a peek around. In the many years I have been sewing, I have had several “studios”. Like the one in the kitchen, with the sewing machine on the dinning table, and the dark one in the basement, eww. The current studio is a culmination of time and lots of antiquing. What you are about to see is my favorite place in all the land. Its a mix of industrial and vintage, with white walls, and pops of color everywhere.My father-in-law built the pipe shelf for me. It’s the perfect place to store things I don’t use often. He also got me to fox mount, Erwin. I know, everyone thinks creepy, I think, how awesome. The dresser I picked up from my neighbor’s drive away. Free furniture is the best, isn’t it? Especially if it has dovetailed drawers. I stripped it down to the raw wood, re-stained it with a dark stain, and added some Anthropologie glass knobs. The barrister bookcase came to live with us last year. I had been looking for one for at least two years and every time I came across what I wanted, the price was out of range. Finally, the day came when the price was right and it was exactly what I was looking for. Antiquing is a form of patient zen life and torture all at once. There’s never any way to predict what you will find next.


A bit of work in progress. This one has been making me smile lately. I just got the back ready and the batting cut to size. It’s my next top to quilt. My list of projects to complete is long and deadlines are looming. My goal is to finish five quilts in the next two months. And my prayer is that I will have enough energy to accomplish all of it. While the demands of family life are a constant, I do savor each little minute, however small, that I can create something.

© nathaliebearden.comThe scissor collection was a magazine inspiration. Sometimes images stick to my brain and subconsciously, I start to collect whatever item it may be. I adore things in groups. They hold more power and make for interesting vignettes. These are all usable scissors, which is a must for me. I am one to collect things that just look pretty, but have no use.
©©©©© nathaliebearden.comI would say the favorite thing, besides having tools on hand, in my studio is the natural light. Even in cloudy days I still get beautiful light filtering through the large windows. Light and creativity are essentials for me. I can’t function in a dark room.

The paper and twine holders are a new addition to my creative life. I finished putting this together a few days ago. They are part of the theme I have been singing for a long while, One day I will own a quilt shop. I have the entire shop in my head and little by little I find the pieces I want for it. I don’t know where it will be or when it will be, but it will be. Or maybe, my studio is my quilt shop. Who knows. I reply on God’s timing while doing my part to be ready. Ain’t nothing ever been accomplished without Hustle.

“Making art has taught me that the tiniest smidgen of progress is something to be cherished. – Julia Cameron

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. Off to quilt now. Hugs, and until next time.

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