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Easter 2014

Let’s pretend today is still Monday after Easter. Actually, let’s not. If I remember correctly it was a day of ” I ate too much yesterday” regrets. Our Easter morning started off with a visit of the Easter bunny. And a present from me, see the quilts? Just checking. I am not much for a basket filled with useless plastic toys. So all there was in their baskets were a face painting kit and one of my favorite childhood memories, a hollow chocolate egg filled with chocolate candy bar. That Easter bunny is so smart. He imported these all of the way from Brazil. Via Amazon, of course.



After the girls (counting me too) had indulged in a few bites of chocolate, we headed off to church. And since I had showered and fixed my hair, a photo was in order. 25 weeks of pregnancy and I feel like I am going to explode. As you can see my daughters were very much in the mood for awkward family photos.


Mission accomplished.

Easter services are always very moving and soul stirring for me. This one was no different. I do thank Jesus for giving us life.


Now comes the terrible part. Scroll down for the cake pictures. That cake, my friends, was baked my me and eaten by me. I did share a few bites.


It didn’t turn out s moist as this recipe says it will be. But that is because I was too busy on Instagram and baked the cake 5 minutes too long. Otherwise it tasted amazing. And lunch was amazing too. In fact the entire weekend was filled with amazement. Honestly, we had not has as good of a family weekend in a very long time.©

© nathaliebearden.comAnd that’s the Easter 2014 recap. Who is ready for the regular quilting programming? I am. I just need to sum up enough energy to sew. Ladies and Gents, growing a baby is hard stuff.

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