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Black & White Hourglass Quilt

When I dashed out of my house this evening to photograph this quilt, I had one destination on my mind and exactly 10 minutes of daylight left. A perfect scenario for a hourglass quilt. Most days, that’s how I roll. Just barely making it. Not much time to spare. Destination, destination, destination. My children know this, I know this. It isn’t about the destination, is it? It never was and it will never be. Our days are numbered. Each one of them. And if the journey doesn’t get first place, we are left with the sensation that something is missing.

Oh, how well I know this. I try, stumble, try again, to remind myself that the only reward is in the journey. My journey in being a wife, a Christian, a mother, a photographer, a quilter. needs to look like lots of rewards and not lots of destinations. Each and every time I sit down to sew, reward. Each quilt that I start and either succeed or fail, reward. Opportunities taken, opportunities missed, rewards.

I don’t know what your journey looks like. But it is my deepest hope that you will see each and every step (even the ones going back) as a reward. Each lesson, good or bad, as a reward. You will never win the race by keeping up with other people, so you might as well appreciate your own journey to the fullest. Sometimes, it will feel like a race against the clock though. Like those 5 minutes of sewing before nap-time is over.

Black & White Hourglass Quilt

Speaking of time. I got way ahead of myself and did not photograph the quilting, squaring up the this quilt or the binding. For the quilting part, I made 1/4″ lines following each seam in the design. You will see it better in the images below. By doing it in this method, you won’t have to mark anything. On my next quilt, I will photograph it rolled and how I usually machine quilt. That way you can get a better idea of the process.

Here are two links that you can use to make the finishing steps. Crazy Mom Quilts has a book called Sunday Morning Quilts. A must have in your quilting library. Squaring upĀ  and binding a quilt. Enjoy looking through Amanda Jean’s blog. Tons of helpful information. And again, any questions, email me and I will be happy to guide you through.

Black & White Hourglass Quilt Black & White Hourglass Quilt

As you can see, some of my lines are straight and some are crooked. A journey is never perfect, is it? That’s how I am leaving this. A reminder of the imperfections of life.

Black & White Hourglass QuiltBlack & White Hourglass Quilt

Happy Quilting!

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