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Black & White Hourglass Quilt part 2

Today we are going to baste this quilt. By now you cut up all of the loose thread on the back of your quilt top and pressed all of the seams really pretty. You will now need the backing prepared. For this quilt I used solid fabric, Kona Black. You will need 4 yards of fabric. Cut it into two, 2 yard pieces. With the fabric right sides together on the longest side of each 2 yard piece, make a seam 1/4″ from the perforated line along the selvage edge. Press seam in your preferred method. Now cut a piece of batting that is at least 68″ x 68″. Roll it up. For this quilt I used Pellon’s Nature Touch 100% cotton batting. You can find this easily at Joann’s in packages or by yard. I absolutely love this stuff.

Once you have the backing sewn and pressed. You will lay it down with the right side to the floor and wrong (seam side) up. Smooth it out and tape the corner and center edges with painter’s tape. You might have to adjust your tape pieces so everything will be smooth. Don’t stretch it too much. Lay your rolled up piece of batting on top the center of the backing. I like to start about 5″ from the top of the backing and unroll it out as I go, always smoothing it with the palms of my hands. This is a hands and knees process, so get low, get low. Make sure you don’t have any threads on your batting. The white parts of the quilt will show any dark threads.

I have used a different method to baste this time. One I advised you not to use in this post. But, I so happen to find a basting spray I like and one that has yet to gum up my needle. It is called Spray Adhesive and it is made by Dritz. Joann has this product as well. I lightly sprayed it on the backing as I unrolled the batting on top. Once your batting is all smooth and looking beautiful, you will start unrolling your majestic quilt top on it. With the right side facing up. Again, lightly spraying it as you unroll. Wow, you are almost there. I wasn’t because I am OCD I still used pins to further secure the layers in place. Have fun pinning this until your heart is content. You will want this as secured as possible for the, drum roll please, quilting part. Stay tuned. part 3 of this novella is coming soon.

lack & White Hourglass Quiltlack & White Hourglass Quilt

Aren’t my floors so clean. They are always like this, errr on picture days. Food crumbs or dust bunnies are not allowed in my images. Ever. Wait, I think I see a crumb. Too late to photoshop now.

Black & White Hourglass Quilt

If your quilt sandwich doesn’t look like this. You may now lay on the floor and throw a tantrum. Then get back on your hands and knees and try again. Please note I have a good 5″ of backing and 4″ of backing around the edges. Don’t cut this too tight, you will need the wiggle room.

lack & White Hourglass Quilt

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