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parts of a dream

No, you are not time traveling. I am writing things I should have written a while back. Like sooooo 2014. However,View full post »

A Texas Baby

10 more weeks, 10 more weeks. Heartburn will go away! And baby will get to sleep (oh I hope she sleeps, like during theView full post »

Around and Around Quilt

Are you enjoying so many pretties yet? Here is another one, made several years ago. I still have some of this NiceyView full post »

lazy days quilt

Let’s continue our little trip down quilt memory lane. This quilt I made in 2013. In fact, it was the first quiltView full post »

up in the sky quilt

We will take a little trip down memory lane with the next few posts. I am gathering all of the images of the quilts IView full post »

all things lovely quilt part two

Phew! Time does fly when you are having fun, doesn’t it? To answer all of your questions about this quilt, hereView full post »

Black & White Hourglass Quilt

When I dashed out of my house this evening to photograph this quilt, I had one destination on my mind and exactly 10View full post »

all things lovely quilt

Thoughts can be like flowers or like weeds. While beautiful tender flowers need care, weeds grow without any help. AndView full post »

By The Creek quilt

It is done! My first quilt of 2014. I named it By The Creek and it will be a part of the silent auction at my oldestView full post »